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Insect infestation

Having an insect infestation is a very stressful thing to have to deal with. It often makes people feel like it's all their fault and they could have prevented the situation. Sometimes an insect infestation just can't be helped. If you have an insect problem, it does not mean your house is terribly messy. There may be other reasons for the infestation. Insects often get inside of a house or building looking for food, and then they reproduce, causing a big problem.

We have a team of trained professionals that can easily detect the problem and rid your home of insects. Not only will we alleviate the inconvenience, but we'll also prevent any possible damage insects can cause to your property.

How can I prevent insects from coming back?

We'll gladly keep you up to date on methods that work for preventing more insects from entering your home and reproducing. The main ways to prevent them from coming back is to eliminate any ways they can enter your home and make sure no food or crumbs are left out for them to flock to.

We can provide total wildlife removal from: bats, beavers, birds, coyotes, foxes,  gophers, insects, mice, raccoon, prairie dogs, skunks, squirrels, and snakes.

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What other services do you provide?

Not only do we offer insect removal, but we supply Colorado's only snake dog inspection service for residential and commercial locations. We are also Southern Colorado’s only trained and certified Bat Exclusion Company, Colorado’s 2010 Trapper of the year, and Vice President of the Colorado Trappers Association.

How can you help me?

Why do I have insects in my home?

Affordable and fast insect removal you can rely on.

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